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I’m Augustine Rodriguez, but you can call me Auggie. My journey to this moment began amid the COVID-19 pandemic when, like many others, I faced a layoff from my job of over 25 years. As I turned 50 and the world stood still, I decided to resurrect a long-held dream: becoming a graphic designer.

Currently, I am a freelance graphic designer with experience in print and layout design. My passion for graphic design is rooted in a lifelong fascination with letter forms and typography, an interest that captured my imagination from a young age. The intricate calligraphy in old bibles left me in awe, and during my teenage years, I was profoundly inspired by the world of graffiti.

I am genuinely excited about connecting with people through my design work and crafting innovative solutions that leave a lasting impact. I believe that my life experiences and passion infuse my projects with a unique perspective and authenticity for my clients.

Looking ahead, I see myself thriving in an advertising agency or collaborating with local independent designers. My focus will be on crafting for non-profits and branding local startups.

Embarking on this new chapter fills me with enthusiasm and determination. I eagerly anticipate the journey ahead, embracing every opportunity to grow and make a meaningful impact in the creative world of graphic design.


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